Dr. Larry Kennedy has assembled an experienced, cutting-edge team of financial managers and specialists to provide clients with the management information and leadership training options to succeed in a competitive twenty-first century environment.

Our consulting services are tailored to your specific needs for organizational improvements, financial analysis and training.
You can choose from our menu of services or a comprehensive engagement.  The vision of KTP is to provide small business and nonprofit leaders with experienced management professionals to help them resolve their unique organizational needs.

BronzeBullet  An effective Organizational Design begins by defining the fiscal infrastructure      and processes that are needed to support the mission.  For the enterprise to
     function smoothly, the people who operate the processes must be selected,
     trained and managed to work toward the specific goals of the mission.

BronzeBullet  By applying QM technologies, we can improve teamwork, increase productivity
     and develop responsive Financial and MIS Leadership with the skills to establish
     reliable metrics for controlling expenses and managing human resources.
Rise in leadership and build financial security with 2QR™ Complete QM.  2QR™ is a return to the systems thinking and due diligence protocols of 1QR; with the added emphasis of 21st century HR resources to hire, train and retain high-performers.   Read More
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Onsite and Online Consultations and Training

Our Clients enjoy 24/7 access to training resources and flexible, responsive,
onsite or online facilitation by one of our highly qualified Consultants.